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Fort San Pedoro Cebu is the trading center of Southeast Asia in the 13th century. Discovered by  Ferdinand Magellan on April 8,1521. Rich of its pre-Hispanic relics, pre-historic past, antiques, and artifacts that have been found in different parts of the island. Cebu now leads the Philippines in an economic upswing unprecedented in its history and is the gateway of central and southern Philippines and is the country's favorite tourist destination. Magellan Shrine
Taoist Temple

Hill Top Panoramic view

( City Tour with Buffet Lunch ) 4~5hours
Group of 2 persons=PhP3,000/ person, 3 persons=PhP2,8000/person, 4 persons=P2,600/person, 5 persons or more please Inquiry,
1) Fort San Pedro
2) Magellan's Cross
3) Basilica Del Sto. Nino
4) Sto.Nino Museum
4) Taoist Temple
6) Cebu Hill Top (Mountain Top)
7) Chateau de Busay and Restaurant
Stopover Venue for Snacks (Tea & Cake)
(More Picture)

( City+Tops with Buffer Lunch )
Overlooking Cebu from a mountain top
Group of 2 persons=PhP4,100/ person, 3 persons=PhP3,900/person, 4 persons=P3,700/person, 5 persons or more please Inquiry,       

Basilica Minor del Sto.Nino
Chateau de Busai
Cebu, Cebu City Tour Package–Sightseeing,-Island Hopping, Diving
KI Marine Dive & Tour- Cebu City Tour Package Rate-Sightseeing-Fort San Pedro Magellan's Cross, Basilica Del Sto. Nino-Island hopping & Diving, Cebu City Tour