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Mactan  Island Hotel Guests:
For Mactan Island Hotels Pick Up Service: Pick up and drop off for all Mactan resort hotels is Free except for Punta Engano, Cordova, Mactan City hotels, Mactan Airport Arrival Area or Waterfront airport Pickup in which Drop Off is at the guests own expense because it's quiet far from our shop. Pick up is at the Lobby,but some  but some hotels will not allow any Car or Pick up Service to stay longer near the hotel entranFcce, so please stay around the lobby or waiting area entrance and bring you over to the parking area.

Cebu City Hotel Guests:
For Cebu City Hotels Guests Pick Up Service: We will arrange a taxi for 1~4 persons for free with charges up to P300, in excess of 300 will be charge to the Guests and 2 taxis or Van for 5-7 persons for free with charges up to 600, in excess of 600 will be charged to the Guest. Drop off back to your Hotel at your trip with us. Hotels will not allow Taxis or Cars to stop over at the hotel entrance and look for the guests inside the lobby. Please stay around the lobby entrance so that the driver can pick you up immediately.

Oslob, Whale shark Tour guest: Pick up and Drop off is free. 

Same Group with different Activities 1) Fill up the primary package above 2)Write the additional package with the tour number or the additional optional activities with the number of persons taking it.